Unlike last year , I am not particularly enthusiastic about 2015 , Part of this has to do with the way things are at the moment. If I were , I would have a hard time cheering people up.

Professionally, Telecom business is not expanding finally and is more focused on consolidating and cost reductions , with unexpected twists and turns that one has to navigate through.

I left my job in 2014 partly due to the extreme stress , which was driving me nuts and was hurting me both physically and mentally , and partly because I wanted to give starting and running my own shop, a try.

Personally , Its been a mixed bag of an year , part of it being amazingly awesome and part being downright depressing. Overall , I didn’t do enough , not as much as I wanted to do and wanted to grow professionally an

d personally , which is something I would like to address in 2015 hopefully.

Met a lot of new people in 2014 , lost a few good friends as well , overall , it was really really hard to stick to any plans in these conditions. I am hoping for a wonderful 2015 , one where I can both professionally and personally grow!

Here’s to hopefully a good 2015, maybe it will give us a break this time !

Cheers & Happy 2015!

2014 In Review

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