I was stuck with an iPhone purchased in the middle-east where Apple blocks FaceTime – Turns out that its just a matter of Carrier Bundles – Apple , from iOS 7 , started signing the carrier bundles , so they couldn’t be modified by end-customers , any modification would result in change of the signature with the modification over-written on reboot with a standard bundle. A developer team from china enabled modifications by releasing a com-center patch that allows an over-ride for the signature check.

You need to have a jail broken phone with Cydia installed.

1. First add the repo for chinasnow in cydia. The repo url is http://apt.chinasnow.net

2. Install com-center-for-ios-8 patch from the repo.

3. Reboot / Respring your phone

4. Open up iFile ( Can be installed from Cydia )

5. Edit /var/mobile/Library/CarrierBundle.bundle/carrier.plist ,  (

Use text viewer mode and click the Edit button to edit the file )

6. Add the following on the 5th line in the file,


7. Close the file and reboot your device.

You’ll have FaceTime available in the options and the FaceTime app icon will pop-up as well. If it doesn’t work , reboot again.


Enable FaceTime on Your Middle-eastern iPhone/iPad

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