Was playing around with Mbuni for a friend of mine , who wanted to use it as a VASP gateway and interconnect it with an operator over MM7. Spent a little while configuring it and thought of posting the configs here for anyone who’s trying to achieve a similar configuration.

Mbuni consits of

  1. MMS Relay
  2. MMS Proxy
  3. MMS From Email
  4. MMSbox

For this sepecific purpose , only MMSBOX is required. I expect that you’re already familiar with either Kannel and / or Mbuni ‘s basic configuration.  So I’ll just focus on MMSBox MM7 integration.

group = mmsc

id = local

mmsc-url = http://username:password@ipaddr:port/mm7/mm7tomms.sh

incoming-username = incominguser

incoming-password = incomingpass

incoming-port = incomingport

allowed-prefix = Prefixes

type = soap

The “mmsc-url” bit is the most important one as it is used for submit_mms over mm7 , this piece of information is provided by the operator , the extra bit [ /mm7/mm7tomms.sh ] is specific to Jinny’s MMSC and your submit URL might be different [ pls. confirm this with your operator ].

The incoming user name , password & port are using to receive “MO-AT” messages over MM7 from the operator. This information will be provided by you to the operator for configuration on their side . Once a AT MMS is received by Mbuni , it can decide based on the service parameters  on exactly what to do with the mms.

The prefixes are the CC+NDC [ Country Code + National Dialing Codes ] that will be allowed for sending ove

r this mm7 connection. Some samples can be +93;+92;+937;07;+923;03 . Make sure you define it in National [ 07X ] , International [ +937X] & Unknown [ 937X] in order to properly cater for the messages [ both incoming & outgoing  ] .

Fire up mmsbox , hit the url with http://ipaddr:port/cgi-bin/sendmms?username=X&password=Y&to=XXXX&from=YYYY&smil=<INSERT SMIL CONTENTS HERE>

🙂 Cheers!

Mbuni – MM7 :: Interconnectivity with Operator

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