I wanted a way to quickly pick , loadup and analyze tickets from our IN platform, ( we’re talking about 1.3 Mil + rows for one file in peak hours )  Waseem [ http://convergence.pk ] , was kind enough to spare some time for the setup and we ended up with infobright [ http://infobright.com ] community edition.

Infobright’s based on MySQL and uses knowledge base + vertical coloums , which end up making queries run ridiculously fast.

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I’ve compared the results on 122 Million rows , running on oracle [ old setup ] & infobright  [ new setup ] and the results are amazing , a single query on oracle takes 15 minutes to get the results , whereas the same query takes around 2 minutes on infobright 🙂

I’ll share the details for the setup , once its finished 🙂


Playing Around with Infobright

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