Below is a conversion document for Centos 6 to 7 Service Management!

service systemctl Description
service name start
systemctl start name.service
Starts a service.
service name stop
systemctl stop name.service
Stops a service.
service name restart
systemctl restart name.service
Restarts a service.
service name condrestart
systemctl try-restart name.service
Restarts a service only if it is running.
service name reload
systemctl reload name.service
Reloads configuration.
service name status
systemctl status name.service
systemctl is-active name.service
Checks if a service is running.
service --status-all
systemctl list-units --type service --all
Displays the status of all services.

Here’s a conversion for chkconfig

chkconfig systemctl Description
chkconfig name on
systemctl enable name.service
Enables a service.
chkconfig name off
systemctl disable name.service
Disables a service.
chkconfig --list name
systemctl status name.service
systemctl is-enabled name.service
Checks if a service is enabled.
chkconfig --list
systemctl list-unit-files --type service
Lists all services and checks if they are enabled.
Service Management Cheat Sheet :: CentOS 6 & 7

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