Had a nightmare of a task yesterday to configure SX for faster access over VPN. The only solution was to do it browser less , anyone who knows and / or has used ChrissXpress will agree , that its extremely slow and tightly bound around Java 1.3.1 .

The solution was to download all of the jar files from the framework and copy them over to JAVA_HOME/lib and create a small script to launch it by clicking.

Following is the script i slapped together for achieving this task , it automatically setups the $CLASSPATH & $PROPERTIES FILE which are required for SX to run. The properties file is project specific and needs to be collected from the platform it self.

for %%i in (*.jar) do call addpath.bat %%i
echo CLASSPATH : %CLASSPATH% >> SXClientLog.txt
rem   ————————————
rem   Call java
>rem   ————————————
echo Starting…

java -classpath “%CLASSPATH%” -Xmx160m at.siemens.servicexpress.sxfw.capp.appbase.SxJApplet %PROPERTY_FILE% >> SXClientLog.txt 2>&1

Following is the code for addpath.bat
echo Append CLASSPATH with %1 >> SXClientLog.txt
if “%1″==”” goto noargs
echo Append CLASSPATH with %1 >> SXClientLog.txt
goto args
That’s it , just start by running the batch file on the top and you’ll have a working offline CX installation.
ServiceXpress Framework :: ChrisXpress Browserless Solution

2 thoughts on “ServiceXpress Framework :: ChrisXpress Browserless Solution

  • January 30, 2014 at 9:53 pm

    Good trick. We have done it before on one of my project with slow network. However, you have to be careful. In case of an upgrade, patch that modifies the GUI jar files and they are not downloaded and refressed in the local JAVA_HOME/lib, it can create some mess. 🙂


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